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Oportunidades profesionales

Si está interesado en hacer una carrera con nosotros, envíe su currículum vitae por fax o complete una solicitud haciendo clic en el enlace a continuación.

Levels of Employment

  • Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP)-

    • An individual who is licensed in the State of LA to diagnose and treat mental illness or substance use, acting withing their scope of practice, such as, but not limited to Licensed Professional Counselors; Licensed Clinical Social Workers; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists; Licensed Addictions Counselors

  • Mental Health Professionals (MHP)-

    • An individual with a Master's Degree in social work, counseling, psychology, or sociology

  • Mental Health Specialist (MHS)-

    • An individual with a Bachelor's Degree in Social work, counseling, psychology, or sociology ​​

  • Clerical Staff-

    • Requires a high school diploma with related experience. Performs general secretarial duties such as greeting and taking care of members who call or come to clerical window, managing computer and program usage, various Electronic Health Record responsibilities, copier usage, filing, mail distribution, assistance with Med Clinic, and other duties related to making an Outpatient Behavioral Health Office run smoothly.

Enviar un currículum por fax

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